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Using the latest tech isn’t a luxury. It is a “must” to establish a reputable and scalable prop firm.
Prop FinTech expert team works with you step by step.


Leverage The Power
Of Automation

Prop FinTech allows you the luxury of managing your entire Prop Firm from one place, completely hussle free.

The Dashboard has been carefully designed to automate 99% of your processes, including payments, payouts, challenge breaches, account upgrades, KYC & much more. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business whilst the Prop Firm operates smoothly in the background.


Real-Time Tech

Our State of Art technology provides "real-time" monitoring and alerts, ensuring that any breaches are detected and addressed instantly. This immediate feedback allows you to mitigate risks effectively. By offering real-time insights, we empower your prop firm to stay agile and responsive, preserving the integrity and success of your trading operations.

Email automation

Send Automated
Email Templates

A comprehensive collection of ready-to-use email templates designed to streamline your communication processes. With dozens of professionally crafted templates, our system automates client communications, saving you time and ensuring consistency. Enhance your communication strategy effortlessly, allowing you to focus on growing your prop firm.

All Payment Management

Manage Payouts

Efficiently manage payouts. Accurate, and timely disbursements, ensuring prompt and error-free payments to your traders.

Client's Banking Details

Securely manage and store client banking details within our platform, eliminating the need for third-party systems and saving you money.

Customer Gateways Integrations

Streamline transactions, enhance security, and reduce costs, with options for custom integrations tailored to your specific needs.

Manage payment


Our Dashboard offers a wide array of customizable coupon options to meet all your marketing needs.

Whether you’re running promotions, rewarding loyal customers, or attracting new clients, our flexible coupon system allows you to tailor discounts and deals precisely to your campaign objectives. Enhance your marketing strategy effortlessly with our diverse coupon tools, designed to drive engagement and boost sales.


Our comprehensive Affiliate Management system empowers you to manage and optimize your affiliate partnerships efficiently.

Track performance, manage payouts, and gain insights with detailed analytics, all from one intuitive platform. With robust communication and reporting tools, you can nurture relationships and maximize the effectiveness of your affiliate program. Enhance your reach and grow your prop firm with our streamlined, user-friendly affiliate management solutions.

Affiliate card

SumSub Integration

Integrate Sumsub with our dashboard for seamless, automated KYC and AML compliance.


Flexible KYC

Implement identity checks at any stage of your client Journey.

KYC Security

Our KYC automation system not only streamlines the verification process but also offers the flexibility to integrate KYC checks at any stage of your client journey.

This adaptability ensures compliance with regulatory standards while providing a seamless user experience.

Save time and resources, reduce errors, and accelerate client onboarding with our secure KYC solutions with real-time updates.

Employee Permission

Our Employee Hierarchy Management system assigns permissions based on roles and departments, enhancing security.

Clients Support

Our Client Support Portal provides a centralized hub for customer service with ticket tracking and real-time chat.

Unmatched Reliability
And Support

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Client's Analytics
The Account Metrix

Prop FinTech gives you the magic of managing your entire prop firm from one place, hassle-free.

The dashboard is carefully designed to automate 99% of your processes, including payments, payouts, challenge breaches, upgrades, KYC, and much more, so you can operate smoothly and focus on other aspects of your business.

Clients analytics

More Dashboard Features

Client wallet

Client's Wallet

Keep an eye on your funds easily with our Client's Wallet feature.

Economic calendar

Economic Calendar

Stay informed and get real-time updates with our Economic Calendar.



Perform risk management calculations with our Margin & Position Calculators


Stop wasting time and resources. Schedule your consultation, and launch your prop firm effortlessly.